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Challenges I’ve found while developing a WordPress Theme with Roots Sage

So Recently I’ve been trying to redevelop the theme I use for my blog(This blog that your reading), With the new kid in town Roots Sage.

Through the whole process I’ve not even got that far…. Am kind of stuck in the process of trying to figure this gulp, bower and the Asset builder, that Roots Sage uses.

The bower thing, damn this stuff is troublesome.
Install bower packages by typing
bower install --save

Then let gulp do the rest by typing

Just to find that the output isn’t what you wanted few added scripts are missing from the main js This is due to the bower.json file missing the main property, a fix to this is using the bower override property which I have not been successfully using it, Or may be am doing it wrong.

The other thing that I’ve also been trying to get around is the newly introduced Php namespaces, I must admit that this thing is awesome. But I have problems with how to use the namespaces. And I just don’t know where am doing it wrong.

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