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UPDATED: Disapointed with TTCL 4G network

Recently i was overwhelmed with the new boy in town(TTCL 4G), that was after a long waiting for it to get better since they are new to GSM 4G nertwork and where only using CDMA in the past.

Friday morning i decided to walk into there customer care head office in posta along Samora avenue to get my sim card so i could experience the deference they were talking about. Went in with greater expectation 😁, and was warmly welcome there, their service was amazing too ✅.

After 20 min. walked out with my Chip, my trip was to Upanga where they claimed that the reception was good, also they had a client there(Looks like they are having pretty few 4G clients ). Got there, took my laptop off, and the modem in but i was 😞

error in Upanga
I Got This ( NO SERVICE )


I thought may my Modem had issues but it turned out to be working pretty well with other networks, and …. (may because i was in doors), out doors the problem was the same. So i went back to their office, but their the network was OK. with a decent speed(Though never had time to test the speed).

After getting home that evening i also checked if their was even a network, Yeah their was some but very week signal plus it took forever to load a page plus it couldn’t load even https://speedtest.net.

TTCL Connection Indoors Mbagala

First test

So i tried forcing to 4G by changing the mode in my modem interphase, which couldn’t survive long before dropping back to 3G and the network signal was worse.

after forcing

The Speed was promising too…

after testing


NOTE : UPDATED ON 7th July 2016

Since the I’ve seen there connection strength increased just like in the screenshoot below



and on 4G there was still shida kidogoo….


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