Fighting migraine for 15+ years

Most people who are close to me knows that I’ve been having headache frequently. For almost 15+ years I’ve been having terrible headache at least once or twice a week, and by the way the pain used to be bad back then at least now I can cope with the situation, am not sure if it’s the pain has reduced or I have just got used to 🤔.

During the early days of me having headache I used to have pain killers by each and every day so as when the head started I had something to tackle it with. I went on that way till it come to a point where they were not working anymore more. And that’s when the pain become worse, that was during my ordinary level education (form one to four).

I remember this one incident was in form three I think where I woke up fine went for a jog in a cold windy morning and 💥 there it was severe headache with all the symptom of migraine and this was the single day in my life where i lost my sight for a few seconds(imagine opening you eyes and you ain’t see nothing), it was cold but I was sweating.

It was not until recently when I knew that all of the headache’s that I have had for the past years are migraine (I think kipanda uso in Swahili). This made me think why didn’t the doctors tell me coz I’ve been to them several times, and never did the word migraine (kipanda uso) mentioned.

So one might think what are the symptom for migraine, here are few, people may experience:

  • Pain areas: in the face or neck
  • Pain types: can be dull
  • Headache: can be acute, frequent, severe, or throbbing
  • Whole body: dizziness, light-headedness, or malaise
  • Sensory: sensitivity to light, aura, or sensitivity to sound
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting
  • Visual: distorted vision or seeing flashes of light
  • Also common: irritability, nasal congestion, or scalp tenderness

One might ask how do I cope with the situation right now, since migraine has no direct cure. What I do is trying to avoid the causes in this case for me is bright light especially from the sun, cold winds, I try not to be stressed fun fact is if I also get bored I tend to have migraines. I’ve also stopped taking pain killers.

When I happen to have migraine, I’ll just look for a bed and have sleep, if no bed is available I’ll give my self company with bottles of water till I when I get one.

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Great sharing experience on how to manage migraine without pain killers… I learned and hopefully someone will learn too through this article😊

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