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Oscar Olotu

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Mobile Money App Idea(Android &iOS)

Recently I was at a local Mpesa dealer, trying to get some transactions done… And was surprised by the way this new dealer was struggling to remember the codes to dial in order to gain access to some of the services some times ending in out of time error.

As we all know mobile money is one of the widely used financial service across Tanzania and even the whole of East Africa

Mpesa, Tigo pesa

So this idea come, “Can’t I come up with this user friendly app that will get rid of all those problem, and present them with a easy to use navigation through those services?”

I understand that there are challenges of doing this including how to integrating¬† the app with the systems of let’s say Mpesa, Tigo pesa or even Airtel money.

To solve this I was thinking of may be integrating the ussd they are using now but with a simple user interphase(Graphical), and find a way of improving it in the future.

Other challenge being authentication and security issues as we are dealing with people’s accounts here, so there are some security concerns to tackle..

Have any idea to add or suggestions just leave in the comments down I’ll be glad..

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